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1. Python Essentials

Een veelzijdige introductie in de wereld van het programmeren met Python. Zeer geschikt voor mensen die hun eerste stappen zetten in het programmeren.
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2. Machine Learning

Met deze cursus leer je Machine Learning (ML) toe te passen en ook de theorie achter ML algoritmen. Aan het einde van de cursus zul je eigen ML algoritmen kunnen creëren.
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3. Data Analysis

Deze cursus geeft je een introductie in Python en een introductie in de meest gebruikte data analyse en visualisatie tools: Pandas en Matplotlib.
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All packages within a parcel sorting centre should have a known location. This used to be a labour-intensive process, but currently all packages are tracked in a camera feed using a deep, convolutional neural network. We will explain how we used a U-net to segment packages and link them together using fingerprinting.

Thursday, September 12, 2019


Identifying crops by satellite images

Identifying crops by satellite images

Geronimo.AI is founded in November 2018 by four former students of the TU Delft and aims to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) in an accessible way to companies and government. Our tailor-made solutions focus on everyday challenges and can be divided into two domains. Geospatial Machine Learning analyses data which is linked to geographical locations, including aerial images and satellite data.

Machine Learning for n00bs.

Machine Learning for n00bs.

Are you interested in machine learning, but have no idea how to implement a model? This blog gives an introduction in machine learning using the R language.

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