Zuleika Sheik

Expert in Ethics & Privacy

I am a teacher at the School of Data Science specializing in ethics, risk, privacy and trust. I am interested in the human and ethical implications of AI and how we can do better in using big data for not only innovation, but innovation with a social justice aim.

I am really good at connecting with people and listening. I am passionate about teaching and learning together, and I find it so rewarding to be part of someone’s journey of bettering themselves. At the School of Data Science my passion and skills come together, which enables me to create a learning environment where we learn, share, listen and connect with our work and each other.

For me, making the world a better place is not about making grand gestures, but rather is integrated into my daily life, from the way I treat others in our interactions, to the way I care for the planet, and the work I do.

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