Training a Neural Network to Simulate DOOM

By Rick Vink and Farisch Hanoeman, 28 februari 2019. UPDATE: 8 maart 2019.

Thank you all!

Thank you all for being present at our Meetup last night! We could not have wished for a better audience. The amount of participation and discussions that we had was exactly what we were hoping for! We hope that future Meetups will be as informative, entertaining and fun as it was last night! Thank you and we hope to see you next time! And don’t forget to bring as much friends as you’d like 😉

About the Meetup

Learn about Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Deep Learning by watching how an AI simulates DOOM by using an Auto Encoder and LSTM. The first hour we’ll introduce some basic Machine Learning concepts. The second hour we’ll use these concepts and some more advanced ones to simulate DOOM.

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Practical information: the Meetup is held in the central hall of LABS55 at Lulofsstraat 55. It’s a ten minute walk from Leeghwaterplein and a 15 minute walk from Station Holland Spoor and Haagse Hogeschool.

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Corona update: onze cursussen gaan door in kleine groepen met inachtneming van de veiligheidsmaatregelen van het RIVM.